The magic tree house almost finished

The magic tree house almost finished

Climbing trees has always been part of human history. It allowed us to escape floods, wild animals, and intruders. It’s how tree houses were made, and they became the symbol of some past time.

Nowadays, these small buildings represent a place for kids to spend some fun time and create beautiful memories. If you want to offer your children a fantastic experience and give them a chance to have their own tree house, then we are going to show you how.

Keep in mind that this is a challenging project that requires a lot of time, patience, and skills. Therefore, here are the necessary steps which can lead you to have a perfect tree house.

Step one: find a tree

Obviously, to build a house tree, you must have a tree planted in your backyard. However, not every tree is suitable for this project. It needs to have a long trunk and a high crown. In this case, you can place a tree somewhere in the middle of the trunk.

Step two: install beams

For this you will need two sets of shafts, using a ¾ diameter x 10” lag screws. The top will represent the floor height of your house. You should place pilot holes using a drill, and be as straight as you can. The next step would be to install the perimeter beans, on the top set of beams, and square them.

This is a frame of your treehouse, which is ready for the floor installation.

Step three: place a platform

When leveling a platform, you must be highly accurate. Place a long 2×4 on one corner and then repeat the same action at the opposite corner. The longer your level is, the better the house will be. Once you install the perimeter beams, continue working on all sides.

Step four: set up knee braces

When the platform is ready, you will need to install knee braces, which will support the treehouse. Just make sure they are screwed together and cut at 45-degree angle.

Step five: install deck

This is the best part of the project because once it’s over, you will be able to stand on the platform. To install boards, start at the one end and leave the boards to hang over the edges. In this case, you can make a clean cut, once everything is set up.

Step six: frame the walls

Make sure you are on the ground when framing the walls. Install the siding as well, and they should overlap the ends of the walls when they touch. When you are ready to set up walls, call some friends to help you because they are quite heavy. When all of this is done, make sure to put in some nice clean carpets to make your space more comfortable.

Step seven: pay attention to the roof