Our projects

Our projects

Carpet cleaning

For more than 20 years of experience, our company has been part of many home cleaning projects. Our services are focused on carpet cleaning, which involve the latest technologies and equipment.

It allows us faster cleaning and drying, taking up to 4 hours. Our technicians are highly educated individuals and follow industry trends. A lot of companies are looking to make a quick dollar, and it shouldn’t surprise you why many businesses don’t make it past five years.

However, that is not the case with us. The experience, high-quality equipment, and cleaning products have allowed us to get become one of the most reputable business, among the http://captaincarpetcleaners.com/. On top of that, the most important thing, we managed to retain is the trust of our customers.

Our carpet cleaning plan involves the following steps:

Every professional carpet cleaning service involves a proper pre-inspection. This process includes carpet audit, while our technicians propose possible solutions.

Pre-vacuuming is another step which removes any dry soil.

Our staff also moves furniture and takes carpets to the cleaning.

Once the soil has been loosened, we will extract and rinse everything. Our technicians work with a water temperature between 180 F and 230 F.

Every carpet is cleaned with a pH balanced solution, so there is no sticky residue left behind. This treatment is applied as a rinse.

The drying process is done with high-velocity air movers.

Carpet cleaning

The final stage is a post inspection. Clients are responsible for this part; they will inspect our work and let us know whether they are pleased with the results or not.

Home design

Home design is another service our company offers. In the last couple of years, people tend to invest a lot of money in making their living space beautiful.

Fortunately, our business has the top interior designer employed, which can help you redecorate your entire home. So far, we have worked on and produced a wide variety of interior design projects, ranging from a residential, office, retail, commercial space, and so on.

We develop the latest innovative ideas and designs. For that reason, our company has established a specialized research and development branch, which counts numerous professionals in this filed.

The interior designers we work with have international experience and background. Due to multicultural diversity, we can understand the social values of the particular region, as well as distinguish an individual’s needs.

The functionality and timeless aesthetics are what set us apart from the competition. We aim to please our customers and believe that clients deserve a chance to have a beautiful home, regardless of a budget.

Our work ethic revolves around satisfied customers, and every piece of furniture or material has been thoroughly inspected.