These Are The Cleaning Top-Secretes That You Should Know

Cleaning Top-Secretes

Every job has its own secrets that make life easier and more bearable and we always want an easier way to do it. The cleaning job has its own secrets as well, but not all of the people who are in this business want to share some secrets. Thanks to the generous guys from, we managed to find out about some of the secrets that will make this work much easier. Stick around to find out what things can help you to make this job easier!

Blot the stains

Blot the stainsNot too many people know that you should not rub the stains, regardless of the type of stain, carpet and color. It is somehow in our nature to grab the cloth and start rubbing to remove the stain. However, this is completely wrong, as it cannot bring any good. Instead of rubbing, blot the stain with a cloth or paper towel. The goal is to collect the liquid as much as possible so the area could become dry and less soaked with the liquid. The scrubbing process not only does not help you with the stain removal but also damages the fibers inside the carpet!

Avoid using the commercial stain removers

The commercial stain removers are really strong chemical solutions that can create huge damage to your rug. The solution is so powerful that can make irreparable damage that you cannot restore and the only thing you can do is throw away your carpet. Instead, use cold water, mixed with a vinegar solution. The vinegar is great for stain removal due to its structure and low pH value, which will remove the stain but won’t make any damage to the fibers. Though it does not smell so good, you have to cover the smell somehow.

Remove the wax with an iron

The worst thing that happens to you is when a hot wax drops onto the carpet. There is no way to remove it while it is hot yet as it will stay some of it. But do not worry, just let it dry. Then, after it is dry, cover it with the dry cloth and heat up the iron. Once heated up, place it on the cloth and press gently to apply the temperature to the wax. The wax will stick to the cloth and you simply remove the cloth and wax is gone!

Remove the wax with an iron

Regular vacuuming saves you a lot of time

Yes, this is true! Even though you have to vacuum at least once per week, this will save you a lot of time when it comes to the day for the general cleaning. A regular cleaning saves you time in the long run, but it takes a bit of time every three-four days to vacuum. Still, you can buy an automatic vacuum cleaner if you do not want to lose any time on this activity. Still, you will need some time to fix this but generally, the robot cleaner will help you a lot!