CHRIS JONES (owner/designer/artisan)

Chris holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from West Virginia University where he graduated in 1994. Chris has been an art director and designer for over 20 years working on hundreds of projects for Fortune 100 clients to small businesses. Today, Chris splits his time between corporate projects and designing creative spaces for families and businesses. With a team of creative and skilled craftsmen there are no limits to what MyTropolis can do.

JEFF HOETH (artisan/carpenter/licensed contractor)

Jeff brings the realism into the creativity of every project. He has worked with Chris for over 30 years consistently bringing to life some of the most creative and sometimes outrageous ideas that are brought to him. While his skills range from fabrication to electrical, carpentry to plumbing, Jeff is the foundation for much of the work done and is a critical member of the team.

CLINT WILDMAN (materials expert, fabricator)

Clint brings over 13 years of industry experience and manufacturing knowledge to every project he is on. He has a keen awareness of products available on the market and is the go to man for material sourcing and project management. Clint is also a skilled craftsman and has provided highly detailed CNC work for many Mytropolis projects.

CORY SOKOLOWSKI (artisan, fabricator)

Cory brings a superior level of craftsmanship and a keen eye to detail on every element and project that he works on. Honing his skills in cabinetry since High School, he has worked for years apprenticing and leading projects for large scale museum fabrications and installations. Whether working with plastics, wood, aluminum or steel, his work as a craftsman is detailed, professional and always remarkable.

CHRIS O’ROURKE (artisan/painter)

Chris O. has worked with the team for over 2 years and has been an integral member in the general fabrication and painting of many of the fabulous Mytropolis projects. Chris brings years of general labor and painting experience to projects and the dedication and loyalty in his work has prooven him to be a valuable member of the team.

ZACH HOETH (carpenter, installer)

Zach is Jeff’s son and has been working with his hands in general construction and fabrication since he was young. After years of apprenticing under his father, Zach has become a true fabricator in his own right with broad capabilities and a desire to work on unique and fun projects. Zach provides general labor and support for any aspect of a project from fabrication through installation.

SUSAN JONES (administrative/project coordinator)

Susan has come to the MyTropolis team to support office tasks and provide any project support the team needs to ensure timely and accurate completion of every engagement. Susan provides an additional point of contact for clients and also keeps MyTropolis active in social media outlets. While the rest of the team is creating, building, and installing clients’ amazing spaces, she is ensuring that all of the business needs are met.